Event & Conference Interpreting Services

Have an event or conference soon? We are a group of highly experienced professional event & conference interpreters who work across the globe be it Europe, Asia, Africa, name it. If you need language support for an event or conference, a multilingual business meeting, a Works Council or international litigation, we are here to help. Come straight to the interpreters!

Why choose Approved Lingo for your event & conference interpreting services?

Approved Lingo Event and conference interpreters have the combination of quality, experience, professionalism and are natives. All our interpreters have met stringent admission requirements based on peer review and are bound by a strict code of ethics and confidentiality. Our members are trusted by international governmental and non-governmental organizations, international and national associations, institutions, embassies and agencies. We are here to help

What type of conference interpreting services do you need?

There are majorly 3 types of events & conferences interpreting services, these are:

Simultaneous Interpreting services

With the use of equipment you delegates can listen to the interpreters live using headsets – this can be done in multiple languages at the same time (without having the main speaker pause). 

Consecutive Interpreting services

 This is when an interpreter will take notes for usually a few minutes at a time and then interpret the speech while the speaker pauses.

Whispering Interpreting

This is when the interpreter quietly interpreters (hence whispering) into the delegates ear, this is useful if only a few delegates requite interpreting.

Other Distance Interpreting

For when it’s not possible to meet in person If you are not sure about the type of event & conference interpreter(s) you may need, do not worry, we can help.

Make Enquiry Book an event & Conference Interpreter for your upcoming conference or Event

How to book an event & conference interpreter: Booking yourself or an organization an event & conference interpreter(s) from Approved Lingo is quite simple! When booking an interpreter all you need to do is call or email us, let us know the date, location and language(s) needed. We will then stipulate a quote. For best results, please send us the conference or event content program which we will pass onto the interpreters for preparation. We require booking confirmation at least 3 days prior to the hearing. 


We treat all assignments and communication within strict confidential agreements between all parties within our organization. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients before entering an assignment. 

Other Approved Lingo interpreting Services

In addition to our Event & conference interpreting services we also offer a range of interpreting services which includes:

  • Legal Interpreting Services
  • International Interpreting Services
  • Court Interpreting Services
  • Legal aid interpreting Services
  • Medical Interpreting Services
  • Remote interpreting Services


Get In Touch

To find out how our Event & Conference interpreting services can help relax your muscles, please contact an adviser by sending an email to [email protected] or giving your local office a call on any of the lines: Get a free quote