Professional DTP Services

Are you ambitious to go global and need the assistance of professional DTP services? With our industry-leading linguists and cutting-edge language translation technology, at Approved Lingo we provide exceptional DTP services for every business, 24/7. We create compelling content in a range of formats, you’ve come to the right place.

Grow your empire with Approved Lingo’s DTP services

Whatever your niche, reaching new markets is the key to growing your business. And in today’s digital world, the global market is more attainable than ever before – as long as you can adjust your content to appeal to potential customers with a different native language. At Approved Lingo, our ever-growing team of international language experts have exceptional DTP service skills. With a portfolio of 100+ different languages, we can create endless professional concise and creative language translations that will ignite your brand engagement and rocket you into new global markets.

What do we mean by DTP services?

DTP services are used to create digital media such as web pages, downloadable information sheets, brochures and other PDF documents. Printed pieces such as flyers, handouts, brochures, signage, forms and other hard-copy materials are also formatted for printing using DTP software, design and layout services. Here’s how we carry out our DTP services At Approved Lingo, we do this in a swift 3-step language translation service. 

Contact us and get a Quote

Tell us about your specific needs and goals, choose your preferred translations, and we will send you an accurate quote. Once you confirm your satisfaction, we move on to the next step. 

Talent & technology in action

Once your project is confirmed, we will assign your DTP service translations to the ideal experts for your needs. Working with our innovative translation API, our professionals will work diligently to produce all your translations swiftly and with 100% accuracy. Once we have achieved flawless professional results, we will proofread everything one last time for that extra attention to detail.


When your translated content is ready, we’ll deliver it for your approval. If you have any queries or suggestions, we are happy to refine the document to meet your expectations. We can provide your DTP translations in several formats and we also offer tailored aftercare.

Explore our unique approach to language translation

At Approved Lingo, our language services are custom-made for today’s world. Learn more about our unique strategies and language translation values here: 

100+ languages

Our team of translators have a collective knowledge of over 100+ different languages, so we can deliver a wealth of cutting-edge translation services in whatever language you need. If you want to expand the global reach of your business, you can harness our tools and expertise to present your written content to potential stakeholders all around the world. Our extensive network of experienced translators can handle an infinite range of translation combinations and complex linguistic tasks—so you can be confident that your project is in expert hands. 

24/7 translation service delivery times

Our global team work around the clock, seven days a week, so we can provide industry-leading translation delivery times. In fact, we can deliver urgent projects in 24 hours upon request, without compromising on quality. Swift, flawless results that will achieve exactly what you need. At Approved Lingo, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality and professional standards. We won’t rest until you’re 100% satisfied with our work. 

Our translation management system (TMS)

Our TMS applies your specific project parameters and automates large phases of the translation process with speed and accuracy. Our TMS will give you the tools to track the progress of your translations from one user-friendly dashboard, keeping you informed and in control at all times.

Our authentic translation services

Rather than relying on instant artificially generated translations, all our translations have the authentic human touch.  With over 1,000 language translation experts in our ever-expanding international network, our global reach and expertise are unrivalled in the industry. Whatever your industry, niche or specific requirements, we have the right translation expert for you.

Our DTP service pricing

Our language DTP service prices are among the best in the industry – we want you to see our translation services as a worthy investment for your business, and the value starts with the competitive and affordable fees. Contact us for a quote today, and we can offer you the best possible rates and value available.


Feel free to contact us [email protected] . If you have any further questions about our DTP language translation services. We’re always here to help. Make your next move. 

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