International interpreting services

Approved Lingo is one of the premier international interpreting services agency servicing corporate, legal, medical, educational, and non-profit organizations. Our professionals are certified, highly qualified, and have the appropriate academic and industry credentials. We offer a pool of linguists with security clearances who are designated to work specifically on projects that require sensitivity and professionalism. At Approved Lingo, we have the flexibility and responsiveness to meet all deadlines. At the same time, we have the resources, specialized knowledge and experience to handle complex assignments quickly, effectively and efficiently -across all business sectors.

International interpreting services forms we offer

At Approved Lingo we offer different forms of International interpreting services such as simultaneous, consecutive and whispering interpreting services as expounded on below:-

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting is a form of interpretation where the speaker continues speaking while an interpreter translates the words of a speaker within a few seconds. These interpreters require specialized equipment, and an interpreting booth, which can be rented if the venue in question does not supply them.  We can assist with the rental of this equipment. Everyone listens to the speech at the same time, and those who wish to hear the interpreter’s version wear headsets.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is where the speaker pauses intermittently so the interpreter can translate the last block of speech, and then the speaker continues. The interpreter stands or sits beside a speaker, listens to what he or she says, and writes down specific comments or essential issues before providing the translated version. This method of interpretation is used in cases where there are no time constraints, as it takes twice as long as other methods because the presentation is essentially given twice.

Whispering interpretation

Whispering interpreting is used in cases when interpretation is needed for a small number of listeners – here, an interpreter sits next to the participants and translates what a speaker is saying by whispering to them. This method of interpretation does not require any equipment or additional tools: one interpreter can translate to a maximum of three listeners.

We offer the Premier international interpreting services

Approved Lingo provides international interpreting services in several cities around the world. With global presence in 5 continents, we support clients during business meetings, international conferences and other live events in 100+ different languages. Our international interpreting services are provided to both SME’s and large corporations for a number of purposes. Our global infrastructure reduces interpreting costs because we’re able to minimise the travel costs of our interpreters and operate in local currencies. Additionally, we are able to offer officially certified translation services across all business sectors and document types!

Let’s explore our core interpreting services:
  • Event and conference interpreting services
  • Legal aid interpreting services
  • Court interpreting services
  • Medical interpreting services
  • Remote interpreting services

Our team of over 1000 linguistic specialists provides a wealth of invaluable interpreting solutions for the modern age, delivering world-class interpretations in 100+ languages; and we tailor our efforts according to your specific needs and requirements. As a translation specialist provider with a long-standing reputation for excellence, our real-time interpreting services are professional, personable, and will preserve the importance of your messaging in every situation, and in any language. So, if you need an interpreting service, either online or in-person, please contact us today so we can discuss your requirements.

We assist in all business sectors such as:

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Technical
  • Medical
  • Among others.
Support in Less Familiar Countries 

We have multilingual business experts throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. If you need support getting around please linkup with an adviser via [email protected]

Are you looking for other services?

Apart from International interpreting services, we offer a number of others services (below) in various fields such as technical, legal, marketing, medical, financial, website, software, etc. These include:

  • Translation services
  • Localization services
  • Subtitling services
  • Transcreation services
  • Transcription services
  • DTP services

Our international interpreting services prices

At Approved Lingo, we are committed to providing our clients with the perfect balance of quality and value. Our prices are among the most competitive in the business, and we offer flexible payment plans for your convenience. Contact us today to learn more about our professional International interpretation prices. We look forward to discussing your requirements.  Interested in International interpreting services! Make your next move…