Voice-over Transcription Services

Our translation agency delivers professional voice over transcription services in 100+ languages to a wide range of multimedia organizations. Our voice over services are regularly used in areas such as film and television, where we are known for producing high quality recordings. Approved Lingo will manage your project from the beginning to the end. This process begins with the operations of our studio management team followed by our voice over professionals and dubbing artists, finishing with our editors.  Our in-house capabilities provide our clients with cost and time effective voice over transcription services. Pair this with our high levels of excellent customer service and it’s clear that Approved Lingo allows for a fuss free order process.
At your service Approved Lingo’s firm team of language experts work 24/7 delivering white collar business translation services in 100+ different languages. Name your translation needs, we’re ready deliver a professional result within a tight deadline at competitive prices. For the industry’s highest standard of translation, contact us today via [email protected]

Why choose us for your voice over transcription services?

Our trained voice over and dubbing artists are based in all over the world and continually deliver high quality voice over and audio recording services. All of our artists are native speakers carefully selected for their voice clarity and pronunciation. Additionally, we also have artists who transcribe in English with specific accents which our clients are able to specify on request.

What do we mean by Voice-Over transcription?

Voice-over (V/O) is a general term to refer to any audio recorded to narrate media. However, specifically in the world of localization, it implies a single voice actor reciting a translation. This type of voice-over is commonly referred to as a “UN-Style.” In contrast with dubbing, it prioritizes a precise translation of source content and the original audio can still be heard behind the recording.


We produce high quality recordings in English and a large range of other languages, commonly French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, Urdu, Russian, Japanese, Yoruba, Polish, Turkish, Farsi, Malay, Tamil, Czech Amharic and Dutch. We work in the following areas:


Our professional voice over artists will work alongside you to produce a well-executed audio recording of your chosen material in broadcasting.


 We have numerous artists available to assist and transcribe conference material in 100+ languages.

Corporate videos

We assign the most suited artists to record and execute your corporate video in your chosen language. 

Films and animation

Approved Lingo facilitates professional artists that creatively transcribe film and animation into 100+ languages.


 We select voice over artists with experience in transcribing games for our clients. 

General telecoms and automated services

With the help of our voice over artists, your business can reach new audiences in foreign languages.

Online courses

We assist many businesses in providing successful transcription and voice over services for online courses in 100+ languages. 

Radio commercials

Our artists produce high quality radio commercial recordings.


Clients use our voice over and transcription services to assist them during webinars. Interested! Let’s Linkup


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