Legal Translation Services You Can Trust

Are you in search for an unimpeachable legal translation services agency? Approved Lingo’s expertise in providing flawless, accurate and secure translations for the legal sector directly by native human linguists has made us second to none. This has allowed our clients across the globe to professionally transform their legal documents & content to 100+ different languages and dialects.

What does legal translation mean?

A Legal translation refers to the accurate and reliable language translations for the legal sector/document, which are conducted by a professional linguists with an in-depth legal knowledge. This covers a wide range of documents and material from a variety of law sectors such as contract law, litigation, contracts, patents or criminal law.

Approved Lingo core legal translation services

Here are the key legal and certification-based translation services we offer:

  • All major types of legal translations including the power of attorney, contracts, apostilles, and various testimonies.
  • Official certification translation of all varieties.
  • Expert legal document translation.
  • Professional notarization.
  • Professional legal-based interpretation.

Why use us for your legal translation needs?

At Approved Lingo, we’ve translated quite a number of legal copies for clients across the globe and sectors. Our legal translators and language experts can guarantee the most professional results that are icy and watertight.

Our unrivalled industry experience is only one reason why we are the best choice for your legal translation needs:

  • We provide professional legal translations in 100+ different languages.
  • Our global team can provide translation services 24/7.
  • Our competitive fees are cost-effective with a range of flexible payment plans available.
  • Our translation experts have niche legal experience and language expertise.
  • We offer emergency one-day delivery time upon request.

Native linguists & dedicated account managers for your legal translation Services

Regardless of the size of your project, a dedicated account manager will always be assigned to you and your documents, making sure that the translation process itself as well as communicating with us and following the progress of your documents is made fast and simple as possible. As one of the leading and fastest growing Translation agency across the globe, we are able to work only with the most experienced and talented legal translators and interpreters who are native speakers of your target

language and have previous first-hand experience within the law sector. This ensures that every word within your legal documents or project will be professionally and accurately translated

How long will my legal translation take?

With our knowledge and experience in providing legal translation services for solicitors as well as financial and law firms and other legal professionals, we have come to understand that organisations within the law sector often work under pressure and need a reliable vendor who can share that pressure and always deliver what’s expected of them. Working with legal documents can be very stressful and time-consuming. Often, you might need to translate legal documents at the very last minute in order to sway your case or to understand it better. Here, at Approved Lingo, we work hand in

hand in order to ensure fast turnaround times for the translation of your legal documents so that you can relax and focus on what really matters.

Our translation agency offers an impressive turnaround of up to 6,000 words within just 24 hours. We also have the capability to turnaround up to 20,000 words within 24 hours for most languages, depending on your project/documents.

Quality assurance

At Approved Lingo we fully understand just how important accuracy and reliability are when it comes to legal translations. Often, the quality of a translation can directly impact a court case or a business deal, and therefore our agency follows rigorous guidelines and translation quality measures to ensure that each legal document you translate with us is accurate and true to it’s original source.

Need a Quote?

Need to find-out more about our legal translation services or to receive a free quote for translating your documents or material, please Email: [email protected] or [email protected] and one of our project managers will be happy to answer all of your questions.