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At Approved Lingo, our highly motivated team of professional translators provides quality translation services. Our translators, project managers, editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers have delivered literally millions of pages of quality content to companies of all sizes and industries across the globe.

What Makes Us Different

Approved Lingo is the right organization to take care of all your translation needs. We can translate your content to the highest standard, whether you require a verbal or print version of your message. Our cohesive team of project managers knows each client and their needs. We take pride in maintaining consistent standards of diligence, accuracy and confidentiality with every project we undertake. Our project manager is an email: [email protected] or call: UK +44(0)2081448905  USA: +16072816240  Africa: +256 741808850
away from you and accessible to each and every client.

Our Values

Whatever industry you are in, we can provide the skilled services of a specialist in your field to ensure the translation task is accurate and authentic. Our translators have expertise that goes beyond proficiency in a foreign language. They each specialize in various fields, so we can match you with a translator who understands your particular sector of the workforce, including medical, financial and marketing industries. The Approved Lingo translating team can manage every format of documentation, from website content to financial reports. Even our general translators, who do not specialize in a specific field, have vast experience in both simple and complex translation tasks, ensuring that your message is clearly and accurately presented in various different languages.

Translation is Just Part of Our Business

We believe that translating content into other languages is just a piece of cake. Competitive advantage and success in translation projects are achieved by a cohesive treatment of all the aspects related to your content. By content, we mean not only text, but also graphics, web media such as apps, news sites, blogs, and any traditional media used. What you get from us is more than just translation. When you hire us, you will tap into our knowledge of world cultures, best practices for translating different types of content, and what people who speak other languages are actually looking for when engaging with your business.

Open for business

At Approved Lingo, we pride in finding every opportunity to provide the highest professional standard of translation services, along with the security of knowing your document is safe in our hands. You can rely on us for prompt delivery and complete confidentiality at the most reasonable market prices. Our offices are open 24/7. You can link up with us anytime:-

Call: Tel: UK +44(0)2081448905  USA: +16072816240  Africa: +256 741808850


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