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Exclusive software translation services by expert software translators. When you need professional software translation, our team of talented specialists are here to help. We provide flawless software translations in a range of 100+ languages. Get the best combination of competitive cost, exclusive and some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry from Approved Lingo.

What is Software translation?

Subtitling refers to converting speech into a text. Typically, subtitles are displayed at the bottom of a screen. The subtitling process includes interpreting what is spoken, transcribing (writing) it, and finally translating the transcribed file to create multilingual video content.

Different types of subtitles

Software translation is not a standalone process, but rather one part of a larger effort to make a software speak, look, and act like a product that is native to a particular market. For a business to effectively plan and execute the expansion into a new market, there has to be full understanding of the definitions and differences between translation, localization, and globalization. 

Unmatched Software translation services 

Translating documents relating to in-house IT, technology, and software requires a range of expert skills, with an industry knowledge of both software and fluency in both relevant languages. Our software translation experts have the IT knowledge and the linguistic background to translate even the most complex code, documentation, and technical content, and at Approved Lingo, we have a portfolio of 100+ languages available, so we are confident we can meet your needs. Whether you need to expand the language options of your apps or software or transpose IT information with meticulous accuracy, we have the right expert available to help you. With a global team of technical translation experts, we are available to accept your job at any time around the clock. For urgent projects, we offer a one-day project delivery service along with 24/7 support. And we provided the added value of competitive fees and flexible payment options. 

Why do software translation services matter for your business’s success? 

Every business seeking international growth will be faced with the question if it is worth to translate their software or not. Here are some clear indicators that show why software translation is critical for your business’s success:

 Access to New Markets

 The prevailing myth that the whole world speaks English is easily debunked when looking at the facts: Native English speakers constitute only 25% of the world’s internet users. Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic are closing in fast and show tremendous growth rates in their user base, unlike English. This points to massive growth opportunities for all businesses who dare to expand beyond their home territory. Now is the right time for companies to conquer new markets. It has never been easier, thanks to the internet. The entrance is reserved for those, however, who can offer their software in the local language. 

Increased User Base and Sales

 Companies can increase their customer base and sales by speaking the local language of their prospects. Customers have a clear preference for their mother tongue. If they can’t read the instructions and fully understand the software, they are much less likely to use and buy it. Businesses also have to consider that people are usually searching for software with terms in their native language. If their software is not translated, it might not even show up in the search results and become a viable option for a trial. To keep the barrier to trials as low as possible, it has to speak the local language. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction

 Nowadays, everybody expects a seamless experience with any new software or website. People are not afraid to abandon an application immediately if their expectations are not fulfilled. There are plenty of options available on the market. User retention is a major Key performance indicator (KPI) for software companies. That is why so many of them are thoroughly focused on customer satisfaction and are doing everything possible to create a satisfying user experience. Language is at the very core of this.

Why use us for your software translation needs?

Approved Lingo offers more than an unrivalled track record of excellence and extensive experience. When you call upon Approved Lingo for your software translation services, you will also benefit from:

  • Highest quality technical translations available in your choice of 120 languages.
  • Exceptional 24/7 client support.
  • Affordable prices with flexible pricing plans.
  • Niche industry experience and expertise.
  • Swift project delivery

Frequently asked questions Why is software translation important?

Software translation is a process of adapting the content to the specifics of the target market. When you translate software, you are re-creating the user experience. If the user fully understands and successfully interacts with the interface of your translated software, you have succeeded in engaging them in the long term.

What is the difference between software localization and software globalization?

 Software localization is the process of adapting software content to a specific market, while software globalization adapts software content for multiple markets.

How do you localize an application?

 The first step is to find the best localization provider (Approved Lingo) possible. Consult with your provider and prepare the content as agreed. Don’t hold back when it comes to instructions, as these are very important, so that the localization professional can carry out the project exactly as per your wishes. After you and your provider agree on all the specifics, they can start working on localizing your application. Interested? Have any more questions? Send us a message and let’s linkup… 

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