Unlocking Global Markets: Our Comprehensive Localization Services

Looking to expand your audience on a global level? Approved Lingo can help on every platform advertising copy, website and software, mobile app messaging, and beyond. Our experience and expertise in over 100+ languages will help you build a wider audience for your business.

Why Choose Approved Lingo for Your Localization Needs?

At Approved Lingo, our dedicated and cohesive team of language localization experts is committed to delivering unparalleled professional translations in 100+ languages. With exceptional localization skills, efficient turnaround times, and competitive prices, we stand out in the industry. Here’s why you should choose us:

Expert Team: Our specialists work tirelessly to ensure accurate and culturally relevant translations.

Extensive Language Coverage: We offer localization services in 100+ languages, including French, Swahili, Portuguese, Urdu, Japanese, and more.

Versatile Services: From advertising and website localization to software and app translation, we cover a spectrum of needs.

Expressive Art of Language: We view language as a versatile entity, transforming translation into an expressive art form rather than a technical exercise.

Quality Assurance: Our three-step localization process ensures precision, from preparation to delivery.

Our Localization Services

  1. Software Localization

In the dynamic world of technology, we specialize in adapting software to meet the linguistic and cultural needs of diverse markets. Our team ensures that your software resonates with users globally, enhancing user experience and expanding your market reach.

  1. Website and App Localization

Maximize your online presence with our website and app localization services. We go beyond literal translation, capturing the essence and tone of your content to create an immersive user experience tailored to specific linguistic and cultural environments.

  1. Advertising Localization

Craft compelling and culturally resonant advertising content with our localization expertise. From catchy taglines to persuasive copy, we ensure that your advertising materials make a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

  1. Software Translation

Ensure that your software speaks the language of your users by leveraging our software translation services. We adeptly convert text and content, providing a seamless experience for users in different linguistic regions.

   5. Internationalization (I18n)

Prepare your software and digital content for global audiences by incorporating internationalization strategies. We assist in designing products and content that are adaptable to various languages and regions, setting the foundation for successful localization.

Key Benefits of Our Language Localization Services

Boost Reach and Enhance User Experience: Speak directly to your audience in their native language, expanding your engagement and making a professional first impression.

Reduce Risk and Boost Credibility: Quality multilingual content enhances brand credibility, reducing the risk of misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

Grow Your Global Sales: Localization initiatives provide an exceptional return on investment, connecting you with new clients and customers, thus boosting your bottom line.

Explore Our Full Range of Language Services

Apart from our localization services, Approved Lingo offers a variety of services in technical, legal, marketing, medical, financial, website, and software fields. These include:

Translation services

Interpreting services

Subtitling services

Transcreation services

Transcription services

DTP services

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