Court Interpreting Services

Get the best court interpreting services by the best court interpreters worldwide at a competitive rate from Approved Lingo. We assist both private and corporate legal departments with depositions, law firms, court hearings, meetings and high-level negotiations of all kinds. No matter the reason you need to bridge a language barrier in a legal or financial setting, we make sure you have access to the linguistic expertise you need. Our agency has got the ability to provide Court interpreting services for you or your organization anywhere in the world.

Exclusive court interpreting services

We assist many solicitors for various court interpreting services. We cover all areas of law such as immigration, family, criminal and business. It’s essential for both the solicitor’s reputation and the client’s justice that court interpreters are accurate and experienced, ultimately conveying the intended statements in the best possible way without distorting the meaning. To gain the most from our court interpreting services, we advise clients to provide any useful reference materials to assist the interpreter in their preparation before the assignment begins. Our court interpreting services are used by many private clients, solicitors and law firms around the world.

What is Court interpreting?

Court interpretation is a service provided by a court certified interpreter who is trained to interpret between English and one or more foreign languages. Interpreters work with a number of different individuals in the court system and are able to communicate directly with the individual they’re working with, providing a necessary line of communication between that individual and other representatives of the court. 

The Various forms of court interpreting services

Court interpretation can feature both simultaneous and consecutive services, depending on the circumstances and the preferences of the court. While consecutive interpretation is often preferred for a courtroom setting and one-on-one interviews, it’s also possible that simultaneous interpretation would be used to facilitate more informal conversations.

Do I need court interpreting?

With the growing population of non-English speakers in the world, the need for quality legal interpretation services is growing. If you’re putting together a legal case and the accused, witness or victim cannot speak English, it’s absolutely imperative that you hire a court interpreter. Only then will they be able to give reliable evidence that credibly supports your case. With a vast network of qualified linguists, Approved Lingo is able to provide Court interpreting services for all ranging from 100+ different languages, as well as catering for rarer language combinations. All our court interpreters undergo enhanced disclosure checks prior to interpretation projects and have experience in legal terminology and court interpretation. We have the capacity to provide court interpreters at any crown court or procurator fiscal across the globe.

Book a Court Interpreter for your court interpreting services

How to book a court interpreter: Booking yourself or an organization a court interpreter(s) from Approved Lingo is quite simple! When booking an interpreter all you need to do is call or email us, let us know the date, location and language needed. We will then stipulate a quote. We require booking confirmation at least 3 days prior to the hearing. 


We treat all assignments and communication within strict confidential agreements between all parties within our organization. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients before entering an assignment. 

Other Approved Lingo Legal Services

In addition to our court interpreting services we also offer a range of services tailored for the legal sector which includes:

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Contact us

 To find out how our court interpreting services can help your needs, please contact an adviser by sending an email to [email protected] or giving your local office a call on any of the lines: UK +44(0)2081448905  USA: +16072816240  Africa: +256 741808850